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The Training for Beautiful Mothers just started

The Youthful Mother Contest just started

Hi all

It’s great to be in touch with you again and being able to share the latest updates on what is happening with the Nila Palacios Latin Fashion brand.

In one of my previous posts I talked about the beauty contest that is especially designed for mothers. On the 6th October, was the first day of training for the 24 contestants; it was really awesome to meet them all.

Ladies from the age of 30 to the late 50s, full of life and vitality and from different backgrounds, races, and culture all came together for one common thing – to prove that no matter what age you are, if you always take care of yourself you will look beautiful and when that happens that you’ll shine!

I was so looking forward to meet these ladies as I wanted to know what makes them tick, what moves them and what kind of energy they were transmitting. I wasn’t disappointed as the energy in the room was very high, even though they were tired as they were training since very early in the morning; however, they showed their best disposition towards my lead and my instructions. I felt their inner beauty shining through, and found out that the key ingredient for their smiles is their love of life.

Each of them has one thing in common and this is the love for their family and big sense of community. I felt very privileged being among them and knowing that I will be seeing them again.

The final event is going to be held at The Plenary Hall in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, on the 3rd of November. That day the judges will decide who is the fairest of them all, but for me they are all winners.

Good Luck to all 24 participants and thank you for allowing me being part of your journey.

Until Next Post

Love you all





Let Their Beauty Glow Through

The water is boiling and many things are cooking at the moment, I am excited about the next coming days as there are so many things happening and Nila Palacios Latin Fashion is taking part in The Glowing Youthful Mother contest as the catwalk choreographer.

Glowing Youthful Mother Contest is a beauty pageant event organized by Mega Life Sciences (Glow and Pynocare skin supplements) specially targeted to mothers aged between 30 and 60 years old (yes!). Mothers remain the Heart and Soul of society. The reason for why Mega Life sciences do this is because they want to create awareness about micronutrients and how important supplements are to help women above 30 years old to keep a healthy body and skin.

This is the second year they are doing this and I am so happy to be part of it. Last year Nila Palacios Latin Fashion was the official sponsor for all the evening and office wear dresses for the 15 contestants and also the full Choreography for the catwalk. We showed the contestants how to walk, how to pose and how to carry themselves during the whole event.

As with all the events we take part, our main purpose is to make sure we share the idea of Inner Beauty and to enable one’s true self to shine through. My emphasis is only in the cultivation of inner beauty and last year many of these ladies inspired me as their beauty extended way beyond their looks; they were all mothers, they were more in touch with their feelings and their inner self, they were more understanding and compassionate – I loved working with them and felt that my efforts were all well rewarded as on the day of the final they all looked stunning and confident.

This year we have a bigger challenge as the total final count is 20 ladies! On the 2nd of September 2012 we had a sneak preview of all the 95 semi-finalists. During the whole month of October we will be grooming and teaching catwalk tips to the 20 finalists.

I feel so proud of being the catwalk choreographer for this year’s event as I know I am going to learn a lot about these ladies and I will be able to share my experiences with them – I just can’t wait to get started!!

Until next entry

I love you all.

Pictures of last year’s event are attached for your delight