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Let the Fun Start

What an amazing starting to September with lots of events back to back!

Today I would like to talk about the AICI (Image Consultant Association) gathering at The Zest Café in Bangsar (South). Nila Palacios Latin Fashion was one of the sponsors for this event, which was held on the 1st September between 3pm till 5pm.

The main speaker for the day was Cute Carry, one of Malaysia’s most celebrated fashion bloggers. I always say fashionable people are really cool to hang out with as their level of confidence is sky high and they make you feel at ease and light hearted in their presence; Cute Carry is no exception, he excels confidence and warmth!

The talk was about how to make your online presence stronger by blogging and how to generate more sales by keeping the people engaged in what you have to say in order to add value to their lives. I am not a writer myself, I am a fashion designer. However, there are so many things that one can do as long as it’s driven by passion and love for what you do. Important things are the ones that make us feel we count and that we add value to others.

The audience was great. In the spirit of 1 Malaysia, all different races (Malays, Indian and Chinese) all came together to this event to bring the importance of image consulting to higher standards. I was welcomed so warmly and lovingly that I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone.

The theme of the day was Kebaya dress, I wore my Nila Palacios Kebaya blouse made of French lace in a soft delicate white matched with a pink Tube and my Channel/Nila Palacios A line skirt, accessorized with a delicate platinum chain with a pearl pendant and a pair of pearl studs earrings and a pair of white high heels, by dressing up in Malay traditional dress

some of the attendees for the day

the crowd made me feel welcome and at home.

So my lesson learnt here was to be part of the crowd, make them see that you really care about their culture and traditions and they will respond to your care with love and warmth.

Until Next entry

I love you all

See some of the pictures from the even.