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Welcome to my Blog

Hi Every one or I should say Hello World!!

I am so excited that I will be venturing in the blogging field and I would like to start by saying thanks  to all of my friends and fans that through the years have supported me and believed in me, even when there were times I didn’t believe in myself.

My name is Nila Palacios, I am originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

My passion is beauty, fashion and inspirational movements, I love going places, traveling and meeting new people, I am sure you all love doing some of these things.

In this blog I would love to have more like an open communication with you and help you achieve a gorgeous look and the confidence that you are always looking for as an individual, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, everybody deserves beauty and confidence, the feel good factor that moves mountains.

Once again thank  you for taking some time to read my blog and do check out our website at

Love you all


This was my third fashion show at the early start of my career, in 2008