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Hi Everybody

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was invited by KL expatriate magazine to sponsor a Fashion show for The Leading women’s Luncheon, which was attended by lots of expatriate and local entrepreneurial women, I had the pleasure to meet few of these amazing ladies, amongst them were the ambassadresses of Argentina, Ecuador and Turkey.

The show was held in a restaurant inside one of the most prestigious malls of Kuala Lumpur (Star Hill Gallery).

For this event I hired models from Joy division Model agency, as the name says it was a JOY to work with these models, as they are very professionals and “real women” type of models, sweet and good personalities, if you are a designer and want to have a great working experience while working with models you can follow them in Instagram for enquiries at joydivision2823.

The week of the 1st of March was a very hectic week as we had litle time to prepare, however, everything went smooth and under control, the models were on time and we call for a quick rehearsal, the reviews about the collections were very encoraging and satisfactory, and we were all happy with the results.

Now our main focus is to bring out the best of our brand to ur clients and followers, we will be using this blog, for teaching and informative purposes, making it relevant to our readers.

We are actively posting all our activities at

imag0727           imag0728               img-20150307-wa0002


During the Ladies luncheon Fashion Show with K.L Expatriate Magazine

In our next entry I will be talking about the colours of Spring and how this is the time where we should look at our closet to start shifting the old image for a brand new vibrant image.

As always lovely to be in touch with you.

Love always


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