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2013 to Present

Hi everybody:

Hope you all had a great week and awesome week end.

In this entry I will be covering all the events that took place over the past two years, so you know what happened and don’t feel left out.

At the beginning of 2013, Nila Palacios Latin Fashion decided that there was a time to reorganize things, so we went through a change process; our Showroom was closed and we moved to a home based office(the old office was not in an ideal location and my hours were all over the place so it made more sense to streamline), we started working on the setting of our online shop and we continued to update and populate our online presence through our website and social media such as Twitter, Face book Fan Page, Instagram, Linked In and, of course, our regular casual fashion shows.

At the end of that year I decided that I wanted to share my experience and my triumphs (and success does not come without failure) with other young designers or even retail people who wanted to venture in the world of fashion, either opening a boutique or even starting an online fashion business. So I started writing my first fashion book entitled Fashion with Passion – this book is actually a guide for other designers to visualize a clear path towards success and to avoid painful mistakes, which along my way I made. I know that there is a saying that nobody learns from other people’s mistakes; however, had I been guided by someone I could have avoided lots of costly and painful mistakes that I actually made in the past.

Fashion with Passion took a year to write and complete, I started writing it in October 2013 and I got it published by August 2014. I was very blessed to have found a self publishing company which helped me with the process. The book is available for online purchase through Amazon and Barnes&Noble, with links on my website if you are interested. I was also interviewed by a local blog about the book; here is the link for the article:

As a designer I feel committed not just to my clients and customers but also to my fellow designers because it is a way to serve others and help those who are new in this field.

IMG_0656        Proudly presenting Fashion with Passion

Proudly presenting Fashion with Passion

Then 2014 came along – lots of changes happened during 2013, which prepared us to face 2014 more positively and with a more focused outlook.

In April I was honoured to be invited by the Venezuelan embassy to design some traditionally styled Venezuelan dresses for the Latin American Festival, and also to dance a folkloric Venezuelan dance. As everything was for charity I decided to make beautiful Venezuelan rag dolls to contribute for a children’s home where the money was going to be used for.

Here is the link for the Latin American festival press conference.

IMG_0725 IMG_0728 IMG_0726 IMG_0722

During the press conference which was prepared by different embassies, food, culture and dance are presented to the public

During the press conference for the Latin American Festival

With The consul of Venezuela and one of the organizers of the festival.

The dolls were a success and people bought them as they were each hand made and unique and we even decided to give them individual names. Pictures will be added, also if you like to purchase some of these dolls you can do it through our Fan page Nila Palacios Latin Fashion.

_MG_0007 (Large) _MG_0008 (Large)

With my dolls during the Latin American Festival in Kuala Lumpur

_MG_0014 (Large) _MG_0016 (Large)

With Venezuelan ladies living in Malaysia, all dresses were designed by Nila Palacios Latin Fashion

_MG_0026 (Large)

During our dance

Attention was drawn to NPLF and you can find the link of our interview for the Red Carpet magazine below.

As my book was finished I wanted to have a Book Launching ceremony, where I could present my book and also my new Collection (the Brazilian collection). Once again, the Embassy of Venezuela in Malaysia served as platform for our brand to achieve all our desired goals. After the success of the Latin American Festival, the Embassy started preparing the 9th Venezuelan Week; every year without fail we celebrate our Country’s independence showcasing culture, art and music and, this time, fashion was present.

We were interviewed by local newspapers and magazines, also by Capital radio, in order to promote this event. Nila Palacios presented the Caribbean Collection, which was a mix of two cultures, part of the Brazilian Collection was showcased and also the Joropo collection, which consisted of 4 Typical Joropo dresses (Joropo is the National Typical dance of Venezuela). As we were celebrating the international year of Joropo music, our brand wanted to bring this music to life through stylish designs.

The show and the full week was charged with high emotions, a sense of achievement and also success as thanks to the effort of many passionate Venezuelans, we brought the image of our country to a higher level and standard. I just want to take this opportunity to thank directly to The Venezuelan Ambassador, Manuel Guzman, for elevating the cultural levels by bringing our art, music and fashion to Malaysia; also to Ms. Luisa Elena Lopez, who was always ready to help and give us advice; to Aracelis Mata, for being an awesome choreographer and my Star Model of the night during the show, Vanessa Laverde, for such an amazing job she did with the make-up; to Maria Cristina Zaman, for always being attentive to my needs; to Enrique Gonzalez Kong, for his panache and glamour, which was present in every single event; to Mina Perez, for doing an amazing job with the Public relations and finding ways for our brand to be exposed to the public.

The night of the show was amazing, high emotions were ruling and as I finished my launching speech I went back stage and cried sobbing as though I had won the crown of Miss Universe, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

vwf-181vwf-132 vwf-136

Signing a book for a young fan, During my launching speech, Filled with emotions while presenting Fashion with Passion

vwf-122 vwf-123

Models during Fashion show finale, Brazilian collection and Venezuelan Joropo dresses were presented


Models and designer during the group photo

After a very wonderful year I decided to take a rest and go visit my family back in Venezuela, 2014 ended but left us filled with great memories and wonderful moments.

After coming back from my trip, I got an invitation from KL Expat magazine, in my next entry I will be talking about that.

Thanks for being part of our brand, even if you haven’t worn a Nila Palacios dress yet, but you follow our blog.

Much love and respect, always


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