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2012 ended with a blast

Hi everybody,

As promised here I am with more updates…

After the Tango Festival and Glowing Youthful Mothers’ Contest, once again Nila Palacios Latin Fashion was on the scene, this time working with renowned fashion stylist, Josephine Lui, to show the power of dressing; it was held during a seminar in one of the hotels of Kuala Lumpur with an audience of around 300 people. The response about the dresses showcased was awesome and after the speech people gathered at my booth to buy the dresses that were showcased – it was a real pleasure to work with this amazing woman, her knowledge in styling is extensive and she can make any woman look like a Hollywood star.

Then Christmas 2012 came, it was a time to reflect and relax, my sister came all the way from Spain to spend a full month with me, we had so much fun together – we bonded and had the time of our lives; we remembered our childhood with nostalgia, she managed to see some of my work and mingled with me at parties, she went through all of my designs and started taking what she thought it was suitable for her and did a shopping spree in the comfort of my showroom, she looked gorgeous!

As the year ended, we were very excited about the Christmas party we were helping organize for the refugee children of Myanmar residing in Malaysia; lovely Joanna Yoong was busy wrapping gifts and I was busy preparing food, our pastry sponsor was The Breadbasket, the owner is our good friend Sven Schneider who helped us provide the children with delicious pastries. We were also excited about what 2013 would bring to our brand.

New ideas came to us and we decided to start cutting all the unnecessary costs, so we came out with an online shop and called it In this shop we plan to work with other designers and retailers who would like to get their brand out there and don’t have the time or resources to start a new website for their own products. Sharing is caring!

Our idea was to have an online ‘One Stop’ shop where you can mix and match styles and ideas, similar to Pinterest where you see beautiful styles but you don’t know where to buy them, at you will be able to not just pin what you like but also add it to your shopping cart, wherever you are in the world.

At that moment we were still working on this project even though started in 2013, we were determined to have it completed and ready for you to start getting what you need and what you want in one place, from the comfort of your home computer or mobile phone.

I will be adding some pictures to this post for your delight.

Please remember to post your comments and tell us what you think, your feed- back is very important to us.

With love,

Nila Palacios

With some of customers and Josephine Lui center  in black after the event.

During Soul and Joy event with Josephine Lui 148447_10151252516953911_1639759748_n 263745_10151252516943911_528961249_n


With the children of Myanmar during the  Christmas party

IMG_2598  IMG_2597

With my old friend Naresh Mohan from the Best Western Hotel during a Fashion talk, our brand was sponsoring, Me posing with a Half body Mannequin after the event .


My lovely sister Lily, wearing a tango dress called Amanecer made of satin silk

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