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3 whole days and 4 nights of workshops, training, dancing and performances of Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Sexy Bachata, Afro Caribbean, Dominican Bachata, Cha-Cha, Zumba. Instructors from different parts of the world came to teach dance enthusiasts new tricks and techniques they can use on the dance floor.

Ulysses and Jasmine McLarens from Australia showed us why they have been champions many times; Aki from Germany learnt impromptu Afro Caribbean dance and performed for us together with Amar Singh and Ulysses Maclarens with less than 2 hours practice – the dance was just amazing. It was very passionate and filled with energy.

Gabriel and Begonia from Spain were absolutely awesome; they were fun and very inspiring to watch. The local dancers also did an amazing job. Ryiu and Kaori from Japan were awesome in ‘Street Bachata’.

I met beautiful people from France, India, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, UK and of course from our home country Malaysia – they came all the way to learn and dance the night away, now that is what I call love for dance. The organizer Liitha Krishnan did an amazing job and thanks to her I have lovely new memories to share with all of my followers and fans.

The photographers Shasi and James Quah captivated the moments, I wish I could share all of their pictures but I will be sharing my personal favourites ones. If you want to see what happened during the three-day event, visit World Bacahata Festival Kuala Lumpur 2012 on Facebook.

Thanks to all the instructors for coming and sharing their knowledge with all of us, and thanks to all the beautiful people that opened their hearts to me

Until the next post

I love you all!


Gabriel and Begonia from Spain

Dancing during a workshop

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