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How to make others see your inner beauty

Hi my dearest friends

I want to draw your  attention to inner beauty and how to learn to cultivate it and maintain a glow every where you go.

Many people, especially women, are very concerned about what others may think of them; often I am guilty of that too, we pay a lot of attention to our external beauty and appearance. Although it is a very important part of our being, it’s not the essential thing.

I quote Antoine De Saint Exupery, the author of one of my favorite books “The Little Prince”:

“You don’t see well through your eyes, but through your heart essential things are invisible to the eyes”

So learn how to cultivate a radiant personality, smile to strangers and you will see the positive reaction that this causes on the people you give a smile, a smile is a gift you give to others.

Learn to love yourself for who you are, look at yourself in the mirror and complement that being in the reflection, look at her or his eyes and tell that person how much you love her/him!

When you love yourself the universe loves you back and you will see wonders happening in your life, people feel attracted to you just because you shine and you radiate beauty that defies age and time.

Buy yourself presents now and then, don’t skimp on things when it comes to you, if you are kind to yourself people will be kind to you too.

The way we treat ourselves is reflected in the way how others treat us.

The key of inner beauty is self love. I must clarify this is not narcissism, this is a healthy relationship you have with yourself .

Now put this tip in practice

When you go out to a party where you don’t know everybody, dress your best, wear clothes that define your personality and make you look happy, always wear colours – avoid black if you can; Black says to others “don’t look at me, I am invisible”; now enter the room and greet the people that you know, then move on to groups of people that you don’t know, introduce yourself and say your name loud and clear so people can hear it, then extend your hand and with a wide smile ask the other person’s name, make sure you look at them at the eyes, then say “It’s a real pleasure to meet you”

This tip is to help you create a great impact on new people that perhaps in the future would be your business partners, close friends or even your future husband or wife 🙂

Remember the first impression you give to others is what really counts, that will be with them for the rest of days.

Happy shining



Welcome to my Blog

Hi Every one or I should say Hello World!!

I am so excited that I will be venturing in the blogging field and I would like to start by saying thanks  to all of my friends and fans that through the years have supported me and believed in me, even when there were times I didn’t believe in myself.

My name is Nila Palacios, I am originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

My passion is beauty, fashion and inspirational movements, I love going places, traveling and meeting new people, I am sure you all love doing some of these things.

In this blog I would love to have more like an open communication with you and help you achieve a gorgeous look and the confidence that you are always looking for as an individual, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, everybody deserves beauty and confidence, the feel good factor that moves mountains.

Once again thank  you for taking some time to read my blog and do check out our website at

Love you all


This was my third fashion show at the early start of my career, in 2008